Words have played a massive part in my life and continue to do so. Over the course of timeĀ I have written; copy for websites, advertising literature, wedding speeches, funeral farewells, policy and procedures documents, blogs about horticulture, social campaigns, environmental issues, emails by theĀ multitude, full of praise and complaint, a half finished 200 page horror novel, short stories of sex and lust, references of character, declarations of truth.

So poems eh?

To me, this collection represents some of my favourite words. Love, death, sex, blue skies, holidays. Celebrating the ordinary alongside the everyday magical. Growing up in a northern, working class environment, I always found poetry distant and removed. I wanted to write words that people like me would enjoy and take pleasure from. Language should connect us, not divide us. I am fascinated by how everyone’s lives are different but share many similar experiences; the universal truths that bind and elude us; love, happiness, sorrow, lost.

I hope you enjoy what you find.