I heard on the radio

About a 52 year old man who died

In a 6 vehicle, road traffic collision

(as there is no such thing as an accident anymore).

I am sure I know him,

Called Bernard or Ken,

Plays Golf at the weekend,

Wears brown corduroy slacks,

Holiday in the Algarve, with his wife of 25 years,

Works in Insurance, protecting with assurance,

His loyal customers whilst passing praise

Onto the younger middle management man-child,

Never jealous, nor over-ambitious,

3 bedroom semi, walled garden, concrete drive, 4 door saloon,

Sipping white wine, quaffing the odd ale,

Leather patched jackets,

And family – 2 kids.

I looked in the mirror.

Reflecting back is an 18 year old I am sure I know,

He is hiding underneath a mask covered in wrinkles,

He looks a bit like Ken.



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