Don’t for one minute be expecting this to be the start of 40 days worth of postings. I am lazy, yes – but also my creative activities for Lent do not revolve around this blog. Don’t get me wrong, I will write about things on here and update as I go along, but let’s all understand where we are starting from. 🙂

A good friend of mine broke up with his wife late last year. I have watched from varying degrees of involvement how he has so far ridden the roller coaster that such an event brings with it. He’s been up and down, lost and found, tore himself into to tiny pieces and slowly re-assembled himself, piece by piece. Like some complex Ikea self-build I think he now finds himself back in one piece but with a few extra pieces that are surplus to requirements. That can be a weird thing, but I know how he will grow from it and what a bright future he has. It’s been hard offering those sparks of light in his tunneled darkness, but having been through it myself, I know sometimes all you need is some faith.

I know how blessed I am. My struggles and ultimate victories have been hard fought. They have cost me “friends”, time, money and often pieces of me, at least the person that I was. Almost like shedding a skin though, I have regrown stronger and better for it. My life now is the life I always wanted, it is humble and modest in material terms, but in the ways that matter (love, faith, happiness, fun) – it is fuller than I could have ever imagined.

No matter how far those stars seem away, keep reaching for them. There’s sunshine out there piercing through the ink black of space like silver threads of hope to grasp.



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