Happy January!

Well it has been hasn’t it? Let the records show that the weather has been cold, but everything else in our lives has been hot – scorchio! We have had some big belly laughs whilst hoping to lose my big belly, more than our fair share of moments of closeness and love, some fortune and only the most minor of challenges. We will have managed about 28 days dry through the month, dropped a few pounds between us and taken life firmly by the horn (pun intended).

Because life is, well, life – there will be other years when January brings seemingly only cold and miserableness with it. Not so for this year, that is for sure. What a great way to start our 2017! I am determined to try and be the best I possibly can be this year for you as my wife, friend and lover and also for my boy and for the few people I consider to be true friends. We both know this marks a big year for me and I intend that to be as full of love, laughter and success as possible. What makes that the best thing ever is knowing I will be doing every step of it with you firmly at my side.

We have just secured our caravan, which for some will be a total snooze – but for us is represents another step on our family journey. Less than 5 years ago we first tried our hand at camping – which consisted of a £25 Tesco tent laughingly described as 4 berth which we took to Skipsea Sands. This year going back to one of our favourites places with a van in tow! Progress methinks! 🙂 I could never have done this with anyone else. You make things fun, I love the little adventures we have and love what this means to us as a family.

I am hoping to write a review every month. Some will be longer than others, there might be some grey amongst the blue skies throughout our year but nevertheless we will be sharing another amazing year of chances together. For this I thank the cosmos every day and equally thank you for being mine.






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