What we are we going to make 2017?

As we creep closer to the beginning of a new year, it is always for me a time of reflection and planning. I enjoy looking back with fondness on the year that has passed and also more importantly enjoy looking forward to what we can hope for in the coming 12 months.

It is fair to say that I want 2017 to be a year time remember, for all good reasons. It marks my 50th year on planet Earth and thankfully I find myself in the best place in all my adult life. That gives me the firmest of foundations to look forward with a sense of excitement rather than dread. The year will also be our boy’s ninth birthday, your 34th and officially 10 years since we first got together. Things have sure changes in that time and fair to say most of it all for the good. Even some of the bad stuff, has usually been a lesson to learn from which we have grown stronger and closer together.

What would I really like for next year?

Continued health for us all. Stupid thing to ask for maybe, but it means so much and we are all guilty of taking it for granted. I don’t want to imagine my world whereby you or my boy are seriously ill. I am not happy when either of you get a cold, but I guess I got to allow that. 🙂

I want us to find our perfect pikey house. Team Gilliver will be spreading their wheels next year I feel and a big part of that is finding our portable home-from-home. Excited about that. I also imagine the Rexie and the boy will love it too. I have visions of us upping and going off a fair bit, spending weekends in sun and rain alike leaving our cares behind.


A bit more time for you and I. Grown up time. I am realistic about this. I don’t want a night every week, not even every month, but I would like a few over the course of the year. Not a  lot to ask I don’t think. This of course assumes you want to spend more time alone with me. If you don’t that’s fine – but you’d best tell me so I don’t make a further d*ck of myself hahaha 🙂 I don’t want you to ever be bored of me or our life, but I can only make changes if I know, so new year, new start and all that. This is your chance to tell me if there is anything you want more (or less) of.

I want to enjoy my birthday. I don’t need any presents. The only gifts I ever want from you cost nothing. I just want you, I want your time and your attention. Simple really. If you ever thought I was more complicated than that, then you might need a re-think. 🙂 I want to have fun, sunshine, sharing food and drinks with people that genuinely mean something to us. I reckon that should be quite easy to achieve. And not cost us the earth either. More importantly I want it to be a celebration of our life together. The best things in my life have happened since knowing you. We have worked for it, but well worth it. This year should be about that for you as much as me. Haha. I am making wild assumptions that you feel the same as me!!!

I want to see the return of date night! Those nights of fun round the kitchen table. Chewing the fat, drinking the booze, listening to choooons, maybe some imaginative use of the kitchen table too 😉 (well you said it is getting to the stage whereby we will eventually wake the boy up…) My life and wants with you is simple. I know there is a lot of “I want” in this, but you can do the same and write your list too if you want. 🙂

More of the stuff that makes us what we are as a family; Walks, board games, movie afternoons, Lego building, football on the front, (trying to think of summer things but it is hard when it is almost the shortest day and dark outside), BBQs, you know the deal – the stuff that makes us Team Gilliver. I love it. I love what we have become. Other than my boy calling me a “lazy pig”, I think that we get it right most of the time. Hope so at least. Our boy is growing to be a kind hearted (mostly), works hard (mostly),  loves his family (mostly), is quite clever (mostly)… he makes me proud most days to be fair. We must be doing something right.

I want you to talk to me. I know we talk, chat, message and email every single day. I would not have it any other way. I think we are almost at 12,000 messages in Facebook. Says it all really. No, the stuff I want is some of the hopes, dreams, fears, fantasy stuff that we all have in our heads. I want you to feel that you can share any or all of that stuff. I love that there is an element of mystery about you, just some days I want to strip it bare and see what there is. Yes, in both a metaphorical and also literal physical way. You know, a sort of journey through your psyche and maybe there will be some physical exploration to be done too as we go further and deeper.

I want to listen to more music with you. This does not mean I want to simply listen to the combined works of Messers Timberlake and Mars on repeat until I die. Which I am sure I would do. 🙂 This means I want us to listen to new stuff together, find new stuff, find songs that we like that have no history or connection other than we heard it in our kitchen together. Know what I mean? I am sure you do. I know you love music and I must seem like a bore, it’s just the one place where I see and really feel the age gap. I hate that. I am acutely aware of it and don’t need reminding. 🙂

Speaking of home and the like…

Some homey stuff needs doing. Wardrobes, painting kitchen, windows(!!!). So it might be worth hitting it all really hard in Aug/Sept and aiming to have Chez Gillivere all beautiful for Christmas next year. Feel free to add to this list. I’d like to give Oscars some paint too. The ceiling is filthy haha.

So to conclude. I won’t be having any mid-life crisis about being 50. I will be absolutely fine about it assuming I have you and my boy by my side. I am looking forward to it being a good year, I know it will have its’ share of issues (all years do obviously) but reckon it could be our best one yet. It might not be all about money and work but then I am happy enough with what we have already got.

Here is looking forward to our next amazing year together.

Love you & want you



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